Can a Generator Power your Whole House? Home Generator Advice

‘To answer the question in the title yes you can power your whole house with a generator. In fact, if you are looking for generators for emergencies then there is really no better choice than a whole house generator…’

Portable generators are a cheaper alternative and while they can be useful for emergencies they are not going to be able to power your whole house. Only a home generator can really accomplish that but this means you need to ensure the generator you buy can actually power everything you need it to. 

There is a large variety in home generators some are very powerful models that can power a huge house while others are only suitable for small homes. So, let’s look at everything you need to consider when buying a home generator to ensure it can safely power your home’s electrics. 

The Power 

There are three main things you need to look at when buying a home backup generator. The first is the power level of the generator now this is one of the most difficult things to get right. Some small homes might be fine with the relatively low level of 5000 watts while others will need substantially more. 

There really is no way to guess exactly how much wattage will need to safely power your home unless you are prepared to count up the wattage of all your appliances. Even then you should add an extra 1000 watts on top to be safe. Because you are likely to buy new appliances sooner or later aren’t you. 

To help give you some general advice and guidance most professionals advise that 12,000 watts are enough for the average household. However, to be safe I would still advise you do some calculations of your own. 

The Fuel 

Next, you need to consider the fuel your generator will use. When it comes to the larger whole house generators you will have three main options petrol, diesel, and propane. Each type of fuel is perfectly viable but some might be better options for your home and each fuel does have its own unique benefits. 

Propane generators, for example, are the quietest but propane can be expensive and difficult to acquire. Diesel generators are very hardy so will be less prone to breakdowns and diesel is easy to find. However, the bad news is that diesel generators can give off a lot of fumes and are quite noisy. 

Petrol generators are the most common and generally the most affordable but the fumes can be an issue for some and they aren’t the most fuel efficient option. So, do your research and think about which type of fuel is best for your home generator. Remember you need to have a safe space to store the fuel as well. 

The Size 

Finally, you need to think carefully about the size of your generator and ensure you have a safe space outdoors to store it. A whole house generator will need protection from the elements as well it isn’t a simple small thing like a portable generator. 



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