march round up

What’s Occurring: March Round-Up

‘March has been a funny old month and it feels like I’ve done a lot and yet very little at the same time…’ 

I’ve been spending a lot of my time redecorating my spare bedroom in anticipation of my parents arriving from Scotland next week, so that’s kept me occupied with buying paints and matching up colours.  I have, however, managed to fit in one or two other pursuits during the past few weeks…

Podcasts of the month – Crime Junkie & Casefile

I’ve been obsessed with Crime Junkie recently and love the way in which Ashley and Brit write and produce the crime tales they recount.  Although I love my true crime podcasts, I’m hardly ever shocked by the stories and it’s only in very rare cases that I find myself actually commenting ‘holy shit!’ when I’m listening.  In March, however, I did exactly that with Crime Junkie’s episode on Kacie Woody and the new 3 part ‘Belanglo’ series from Casefile 

The 3rd instalment of the new Casefile story isn’t even released until tomorrow and I honestly can’t wait.  If the painting in my spare room is squint, it’s been listening to this tale of Ivan Millat and his shockingly long list of crimes while doing it that’s to blame.  As with every tale, Casey McCasefile just has a way of presenting stories that blows me away. I haven’t been this freaked out since they covered the GSK case.

Music of the month – Pistol Annies, Kacey Musgraves & Lewis Capaldi

I’m still obsessed with Pistol Annies 3rd album ‘Interstate Gospel’ and it’s been on repeat in my car for the past 3 months.  I have attempted to expand my singing repertoire in March, though, with the inclusion of ‘Golden Hour’ by Kacey Musgraves and a few songs from the pre-release by Scottish singer-songwriter, Lewis Capaldi.

Both albums are quite melancholic, but the words and sentiments behind the songs are beautiful.  Although I tend not to listen to what I class as ‘sad music’, I’ve found myself singing along quite merrily.

I gave my 15-year-old nephew access to my Amazon Music account last month so that he could download stuff and my library is now filled with hip hop artists called ‘Lil’ this and ‘lil’ that.  So far, I haven’t come across anything good, but I’m determined to keep listening until I’m into it.  Could be a long wait.

Book of the month – A Piano in the Pyrenees, Tony Hawkes

I don’t find Tony Hawkes particularly funny as a stand-up, so I hadn’t read his travel books before.  Since I started back at college in February, one of his books popped up on the list of recommended reading for my writing course, so I thought I ought to give it a shot.

I love travel books, but I tend not to read any based in France as I have no intention of venturing there again. Despite this, it’s been a pretty good read, so far and it has been far more amusing than I judged its cover to be (it’s totally true what they say…).  The tale of impulsively purchasing property in a tiny French town and then getting to grips with the culture and attitudes has been a great distraction from life this month.

Audiobook of the month – White Nights, Ann Cleeves

This is the only book I’ve purchased this month, so it’s included in this list regardless of whether I think it’s good or not. This is an early novel from Ann Cleeves’ ‘Shetland’ series and I’ve enjoyed the others, so there was nothing to suggest I wouldn’t feel the same about this one. Except that I didn’t.

I have no idea why I’m not enjoying it as much as the others, but I’ve been listening in fits and starts and it’s likely I’m just not picking up the story as well.  This book tells the tale of an unknown man who ends up hanging in a boat shed and Jimmy has to navigate the relationships in the close-knit community of Biddister to work out what’s going on.

TV of the month – Power, Madeleine McCann, Shetland

I’ve watched a lot of TV this month, which isn’t like me. I always tune in to a new series of Shetland, so I loved season 5 as much as I did the others. I will also freely admit to actually grinning at my iPad when Tosh hooked up with the cute guy whose name I can’t remember.  I love her.

Power is a Netflix series which was recommended to me by my 33-year-old boss.  I was initially unsure about it, but Les and I needed something to watch together after finishing yet another go-round of Breaking Bad.

We’re both enjoying it, so far, although I’m likely to have to start writing down who is screwing who as I’m struggling to keep up with the sheer level of deception involved in the character’s relationships.  I quite like the intrigue, though, and there are some good twists and turns.

I was keen to watch the new Netflix series on the disappearance of Maddie McCann in March but I was bitterly disappointed in the whole thing and gave up after 4 episodes.  It didn’t tell me anything I don’t already know and the only shocking thing in it has been just how little the parents could see from the tapas bar in relation to their apartment.

After getting annoyed at it, I found a docu on Youtube on the same subject. It was randomly made by some bloke on the street and it’s a bit out there in some respects, but also pretty interesting in others. This has focused on the discrepancies in the signing in and out books for the McCann children’s daycare in relation to their police statements. It crammed more information into a single hour that the Netflix series produced in 6.

App of the month: Headspace

I only found this app last week after searching for something on meditation. Basic access is free (although you can pay for additional content) and I’ve found it easy enough to navigate. I’ve struggled with meditation before as I find it impossible to switch off my brain when I’m feeling down.  I’ve been doing the exercises every day for the past 5 days and find it has quite a relaxing effect on me without making me sleepy.

I’m determined to stick with it until I’m all calm blue seas and smiles.  I don’t think it’s quite that good, though…

Social Media animal of the month – Reuben the Bulldog

Anyone who knows me understands that I’m a self-confessed Crazy Dog Lady. I make no apologies for my love of doggos for they are the greatest things ever to grace this shitty planet.  My current favourite doggo is Reuben the Bulldog and his pawrents from Wilmington, North Carolina. I adore squishy chops and this big guy has a face I’d literally never tire of smooshing.  His youtube videos cheer me up no end. You can check out him HERE.

What have you been discovering this month?


Suzanne x



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