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5 TV shows I can’t stand that everyone else seems to love

‘I don’t watch a great deal of TV and it usually takes crime/thriller/horror related shows to draw me in….’

Sometimes, though, in the interests of expanding my horizons or whatever, I’m tempted by the chat on social media and make an effort to watch the shows that everyone seems to be talking about. These are 5 TV things I can’t stand that everyone else seems to love…’

It rarely works out well.

Bird Box

This was amped up so much on every social media platform and lifestyle site I frequent, that I was keen to give it a go. I mean, I love scary and this was THE scary thing of the New Year, right?

Wrong. SO. Wrong.

Bird Box was possibly less scary than an episode of Sesame Street. Even the ones with Oscar the Grouch in them. Not only was it not scary; it wasn’t even good. In fact, the only thing that could have made it worse was if no one had rescued those birds from John Malkovich’s freezer.

It’s difficult to believe that 45 million accounts accessed the movie in its first week of release. All those poor people.

All I can say is: keep making the excellent true crime shows, Netflix, and stop with the blindfolded people. Also, why did you make the only really bad dude English??

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

I love reality shows about hoarders and home makeovers, but I don’t necessarily have the patience for the back stories that come with them.  Call me heartless but I don’t care *why* your house looks like a dump.  I simply want to see it looking like a dump and then looking a bit less like a dump. The whole in-between bit when you’re crying about throwing out some moth-eaten dress your Grandma used to wear, I can live without.  Does it spark joy? No, it doesn’t.

I desperately tried to persevere with the couple in Episode 1 who had the kids, and the no time, and the woman they employed to do their laundry, but I ended up forwarding to the part when they stopped talking about the mess and actually started cleaning it up.  And then I did the same for Episode 2…and Episode 3.

My strategy of forwarding through means I picked up all the tips, saw all the transformations, but did it in a fraction of the time. I like to think Marie Kondo would be kinda proud of me.  My sock drawer is now a work of art and I didn’t have to listen to someone’s life story to get the inspiration.

Game of Thrones

I’d be lying if I said I had any understanding of what people like about GoT.  And it’s not like it’s just a few people, either; it’s literally millions of them. Thinking that I must have something wrong with me – like bad taste in TV – or not having a soul, I forced myself to watch.

The only positive thing I can say about the whole thing is that done wonders for the tourism industry in various parts of the UK. However, in saying that, I still hold a grudge against them for ruining my recent visit to a Welsh castle.  I took a trip to Penryhn and received a very stern lecture at the entrance about the fact that GoT was currently filming there, although not actively on that particular day.

As the equipment and sets were still in place, it caused the entire National Trust staff to lose their minds and suspect the only reason anyone was there was to snap illicit photos.  They kept their beady eyes trained on everyone for the duration of the visit.


Downton Abbey

I’m already rolling my eyes. I’m not a fan of anything involving very posh English people that doesn’t star Rupert Penry-Jones (because handsome) or something written by Agatha Christie (because murder).

Knowing that neither of these things applies to Downton Abbey meant it would have to blow me away to keep my interest. Even the legend that is Maggie Smith didn’t make me enjoy it. I find it almost impossible to develop an attachment to stories involving people who have servants.

I’ll say this for it, though; It has excellent dresses.

The Crown

Please refer to notes on Downton Abbey.

Also has excellent dresses.


Suz x

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