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Audible’s Top Audio Shows of 2018

‘I’m a podcast addict and an avid listener of Audible’s audiobooks.  So when Amazon launched their own range of audio shows, I was instantly hooked

These are the binge-worthy listens that have helped me sleep in 2018:

West Cork

I can’t say enough about this 13 part murder story from West Cork in the Republic of Ireland.  The story follows two journalists who reinvestigate the 1996 murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier at her holiday home on the Emerald Isle.

Right from the start, the focus of the show hones in on the prime suspect, Ian Bailey.  Although the series does explore other suspects and statements to Garda at the time of the murder, and the years since, the basic focus of the show is Bailey.

Bailey is a litigious, eccentric Englishman who does himself no real favours during his lengthy interviews.  His partner, who rigidly sticks by his side, regardless of his tendency towards domestic abuse, makes you question whether you would do the right thing if your SO was a suspect in a gruesome murder and you had information which could incriminate them…

The Ricky Gervais Guide To…

I’m not a massive fan of Gervais himself, but I am a fan of Stephen Merchant and find Karl Pilkington to be hilarious.  There’s no doubt that the trio works well together, mixing the brains and rational thinking of Merchant and Gervais with the brilliantly frank and unapologetic perceptions of Pilkington.

The series covers a range of serious topics, such as capital punishment, and educates you in the best possible way.

Real Crime

I had to listen to this multi-episodic crime ‘cast the second it was released because OMG MURDERS.   The show is based on true cases from the UK and has excellent narration and details of cases which were, at least to me, unknown until I tuned in.

Although I’d heard of the cases being covered (I’m a true crime junkie), I found the relaying of the stories to be fascinating.  There are 10 episodes in all and the only one I had to miss was James Bulger.  I don’t mind hearing about adults being murdered, but I can’t take stories about children.

Bill Bryson’s Appliance of Science

There’s no one on earth that could convince me to listen to a show about science (that’s not specifically about forensics) other than my favourite author, Bill Bryson.  I’ve been reading the laugh out loud accounts of his travels forever and his way of speaking and writing just reels you in.

I am NOT a science person. I have absolutely zero clue about anything that doesn’t involve how people are murdered and how long it takes for bodies left in the open to attract blowflies.  However, this show was thoroughly entertaining.

Bryson works with the Science Museum to go through decades of discoveries – both accidental and not-so-accidental – and leads the listener through the stories behind them.

Ponzi Supernova

This 6 part series details the story of the biggest fraud in financial history and the Don Corleone of Wall Street, Bernie Madoff.  It’s estimated that he swindled around $11 billion dollars in his massive ponzi scheme.

The difference between this show and many others is that it includes actual interview footage of discussions with Madoff from his prison cell.  If you didn’t hate the man already, once you listen to this, you almost certainly will.

What are your favourite Audible audio shows of 2018?

Suz x

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