5 Things That Cheer Me Up On A Sunday

5 Things That Cheer Me Up On A Sunday

‘Sundays are usually seen as a day off, which starts well and eventually spirals into depression and panic the closer it gets to Monday.  In honour of, well…NOT doing that, these are 5 things I do to cheer me up on a Sunday…’

Lazy Coffee Stop

Les and I used to go out for coffee most Sunday mornings to a gorgeous little Cafe a couple of villages away from home.  This is somewhat of an unofficial Tam tradition, but it stops completely during the summer. The reason it stops during the summer is that we live on the Welsh coast and we’re inundated by tourists for 7 weeks.  It’s no word of a lie to tell you that the locals actually stay home and drink their own coffee until everyone’s gone back to Birmingham.

However, once they’ve gone, we can drive without getting stuck behind caravans and camper vans and make the trip to our favourite little spot, overlooking Snowdonia National Park, and chat about the week.

It’s a pretty nice way to finish the week together and work out plans for the coming 5 days.


I tend to do a lot of sorting out on a Sunday.  I usually do this when I’m laying in bed on a Sunday night.  I tend to log on to iTunes and browse the podcast section, either updating the next instalments of my faves, or finding something entirely new to tune into on a miserable Monday morning drive to work.

It might sound odd, but it really does cheer me up to know that I have a new grisly murder to hear about in the car.  There are few things that make me actually look forward to my morning commute, but this is one of them.  Don’t judge me.


Sunday is ‘New Music Day’ in the Tam household and it’s the only time I get time to scroll through Apple Music and find myself some songs for the week to come. I tend to get bored of music quite quickly, so knowing that I have a 60 minute drive, listening to the same old tunes, doesn’t exactly fill me with glee.

I don’t always download something new on a Sunday. Sometimes I go for a classic from my youth that I can happily belt out in the car (in between murder podcasts, obviously….).  Last week was Wet Wet Wet’s ‘Popped in, Souled Out’ and I was stunned to discover I still know the words to all the songs.

You can take the girl out of Scotland…

New TV Discoveries

Sunday is the only day I really watch TV in any serious way.  I make sure that every Sunday evening, I have a couple of hours to myself  to do nothing but concentrate on one of the many, many programmes I make a note to watch and then never actually get round to viewing.

During the week, Les and I watch something together; usually for an hour when we’re eating.  At the moment, this is Brookyln Nine Nine on Netflix, but it’s not always easy finding something we both like.   Les likes medical or history shows and I will watch literally anything with a murder in it.

Tonight, I’m looking forward to sorting out my work stuff for the week and then hunkering down to watch ‘The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair’ on Sky.  From what I can see, so far, Patrick Dempsey is a famous author who ends up with a young girl’s corpse near his property.  She’s carrying a copy of his book so, obviously, he gets charged with her killing.  Open and shut case, I say.

Goal Setting

I put this at the end of my list as it often falls away as the week progresses.  However, I do continually try to note down a few things I’d like to achieve over the next 7 days.  I know myself well enough not to pretend I’m going to run 40 miles in any given week, or even run 3 miles on a rainy evening.  It won’t happen, so there’s little point in wasting time telling myself otherwise.

What I *do* try is to note things down that I’ve maybe been putting off – no matter how small – as well as my exercise goals of, say, getting out for a run 4 times with no specific distance in mind.  It might seem like I’m not really challenging myself but, suffering from depression and anxiety, I’m often just pleased to have gotten out of bed on a Monday.  Anything else I can do in that week is a major win.

What do you do to cheer yourself up on a Sunday?


Suz xx





2 thoughts on “5 Things That Cheer Me Up On A Sunday”

  1. Do you know what? I actually loved this post!! I used to HATE Sundays. They just seemed to drag and nothing would ever be on the TV and I’d always stay indoors. Now I’ve changed my outlook and starting to love them. I wash my hair on Sundays, usually have bacon bagels for breakfast with coffee and orange juice, I catch up on some TV I have missed during the week, today I’ve painted my nails, done some laundry. Some Sundays I go out for lunch/dinner with the wife, today my mum is cooking a roast 😍

    My new blog post is here! 💫🌸 I’d love if you gave it a read and left a comment 😘


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