How To Lift Your Spirits After a Bad Day

How To Boost Yourself after a Bad Day
Just let me sleep and it’ll all be fine.
‘Today was Monday. And it was kind of a brutal day, to be honest, as I’ve been feeling pretty low of late…’
I was also not really in the right frame of mind for a day in the office, or not my office, anyway. Maybe someone else’s would have been OK, I’m not really sure.
Anyway, my general feeling of ‘meh’ towards…well, Monday in general made me try and focus on how I could cheer myself up if I managed to through the day without murdering anyone. These are my sure-fire ways to de-stress after a case of the Mondays (or Tuesdays… or any other crappy day):
Some people swear by a long, hot bath but, while I’m all for the idea, I find that as soon as I’m in, I just wanna get back out. Because of this, I stick to hopping in the shower, accompanied by my favourite shower gel (Lime Natural Source, Champney’s Summer or anything by Soap and Glory) and literally wash away the day.  I come out feeling refreshed at the very least, if not a touch less horrible.  It’s amazing what a bit of hot water can do.
Comfort Food
I’m not suggesting you come home and stuff your chops full of pizza and chocolate (although, if that’s what you want to do, then please don’t let me stop you), but just because you’re having comfort food doesn’t mean it has be laden with fat.
I’m a huge fan of fresh fruit salad and, as it doesn’t leave me feeling like I’ll need a double session at the gym, I’m more likely to actually cheer myself up with a bowl of this, rather than a bowl of crisps, for example.  My husband, on the other hand, will never say no to cottage pie if he’s feeling particularly stressed out.
As much as I’d like to also suggest wine on an evening like this, I’m not entirely sure it doesn’t end up making me more morose in the long run. Also, how good can Tuesday be if you’re completely hung-over?? Exactly.
This tends to divide people into two groups. On one hand, there’s the group  that includes my husband, who will go work out after a crappy day (and before his cottage pie, obvs) to make pick himself up,  and then there’s my group, who really just want to go home and crawl under the duvet until the day goes away.  If I can force myself to go for a walk after work, or actually make it to the gym, I do always feel better, but it’s often easier said than done.
Seriously, though, getting out for short stroll, even if that walk is around the local supermarket, while you search for cottage pie and grapes, is better than nothing and can make a positive difference to your day.  Word of warning: as much as I hate to say it, if I’m not in a good place, going to the gym can often make me decidedly homicidal.
The music is bloody awful and I have no interest in the testosterone filled weights corner where there seems to be a constant battle for supremacy going on. Apart from this, I can confirm that it’s a truly wonderful place to be.
Netflix/Amazon Prime
By the time I hit the pillow (which can be shockingly early on a Bad Day), I like to have something lined up to watch that I know will completely distract me. This can be an episode of a new show that I haven’t had time to catch or one of my favourites that never gets old.
For a good laugh, Phoenix Nights does it for me every time, but I do like having something new to look forward to, so I do love knowing that I can catch up with a new episode of Homeland or House of Cards.  Also, watching these shows generally makes me feel a bit better about my day, to be honest.. Let’s face it, there’s unlikely to ever be an Netflix Original series about the dangers of working in the Job Centre, is there?
If nothing else, at least I’m not the President of the US (although I fear I might be more qualified that the one they actually have), or involved in the Security Services like Clare Danes and being shot at on a regular basis. Life in North Wales isn’t *quite* that exciting, thankfully.
Online Shopping
It might be a total cliché but, do I care? No. No I don’t. I am a very happy bunny when I do a little online cheering up on EBay or Amazon. I generally go for something cheap and cheerful, like a kindle book or something with a dog on it (I have purchased a LOT of pug scarves on a Monday night).
One of the unintentional bonuses of online shopping – aside form the fact that you can totally do it in your jammies – is that you also get a parcel through the mail shortly afterwards and this can brighten up another crappy day.  Score!
Three Things
Even if you’ve had the worst day ever, if you think hard enough, you can usually come up with at least three teeny little things that were good about it. It might be a passing comment, a knowing smile, a hug, or just that someone was kind to you.
When I’m having a crap day, I always make the effort to do something that I know I’ll feel was positive when I look back on it. On my last shitty day, I sorted out the disaster that is the Fort Knox type security of my HSBC online banking. Honestly, it’s like they don’t actually want me to spend my own money.
Anyway, as annoyed and disinterested as I was when I picked up the phone, after the two hour wait, I felt like I had achieved something. Even if that something was only that I wanted to switch bank accounts. Today, however, I feel I might struggle a bit more but, if nothing else, I wrote all this crap down so that has to count for something, surely?
If all else fails, go to bed. Seriously. The time I spend in bed should probably alarm me, but I find it almost impossible to get *more* grumpy when I’m sleeping. Also, it’s totally cosy in there and I can justify ignoring the phone and interaction with any humans (my husband is excluded from this list as he’s adorable).
Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but put on a fresh set of bedding, make star shapes, turn your pillow on to the cold side and hope that tomorrow might be better. If nothing else, by going to bed so early, at least you shouldn’t be tired in the morning.
What are your suggestions for attempting to salvage a bad day?

Suzanne x 

4 thoughts on “How To Lift Your Spirits After a Bad Day”

  1. I agree with all of these! I just finished the third season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. It was so silly that it would brighten up a bad case of the Mondays!


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