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Audible’s Top Audio Shows of 2018

'I'm a podcast addict and an avid listener of Audible's audiobooks.  So when Amazon launched their own range of audio shows, I was instantly hooked...These are the binge-worthy listens that have helped me sleep in 2018: West CorkI can't say enough about this 13 part murder story from West Cork in the Republic of Ireland. … Continue reading Audible’s Top Audio Shows of 2018

The UK's Spookiest Places
scotland, Wales

Mapped: The UK’s Spookiest Places

'Beautiful Britain - home to tremendous halls, castles and a long, bloody, history. And with that in mind, it’s no surprise this tiny island has a plentiful amount of paranormal activity...' Whether it’s ancient ghost stories or unexplained phenomena, there is always something hiding in the UK’s dark shadows. Protection Supplies have compiled a map… Continue reading Mapped: The UK’s Spookiest Places

6 Creepy AF Things To Watch on Netflix This Halloween Week
TV and Music

6 Creepy AF Things To Watch on Netflix This Halloween Week

'I don't really need Halloween as an excuse to watch scary stuff on TV. However, in celebration of the day, here are a few creepy things to get your fangs into this week' The SinnerJessica Biel stars as the young wife and mother who, without apparent motive, brutally murders a random stranger on the beach.… Continue reading 6 Creepy AF Things To Watch on Netflix This Halloween Week


How Life Has Changed: Scotland vs. Wales

  I moved to North Wales from Stirling in Scotland, after spending my whole life in, or in between, major cities, I didn't think twice about, well...anything, really.   Everything I wanted has always been right within my reach. Take out coffee? Costa, McDonald's or the slightly dodgy stuff my local petrol station used to sell. … Continue reading How Life Has Changed: Scotland vs. Wales